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Another word for youthful

  1. Being in an early period of growth or development

      1. Beneficial to the environment or less harmful to the environment than others:
      2. Vigorous or robust:
      3. Not grown up; young:
      1. Marked by or suggesting a lack of normal maturity:
      2. Lacking the emotional maturity, sense of responsibility, etc. characteristic of an adult, or of others one's own age
      3. Silly or childish in behavior.
      1. Newly begun or formed:
      2. Of or for infants or infancy
      3. Intended for infants or young children.
      1. Relating to or characteristic of a young animal that has not reached sexual maturity:
      2. Of, characteristic of, or suitable for children or young persons
      3. Young or youthful
      1. Lacking experience or practice; immature; raw; ignorant; green
      2. Lacking experience; immature:
      3. Newly begun or formed; not advanced:
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Another word for youthful