Sentence Examples

  • See Sir Daniel Wilson, Memorials of _Edinburgh in the Olden Time (2 vols.
  • In the olden times the Skinners' Company of the city of London was an association of furriers and skin dressers established under royal charter granted by Edward III.
  • In olden times there were three classes of burgh.
  • Otherwise, reference was made for an interpretation to the pontifices in olden times,afterwards frequently to the Sibylline books,or the Etruscan haruspices, when the incident was not already provided for by a rule, as, for example, that it was unlucky for a person leaving his house to meet a raven, that the sudden death of a person from epilepsy at a public meeting was a sign to break up the assembly.
  • Antianum, from ante, before), old or in olden times.