Sentence Examples

  • Some levels allow you to command a tank as one of your teams, which, in addition to being an awesome way to blast the crap out of the Nazi infantry, functions as moving cover for your squad.
  • If you loved a game and are lusting after the sequel, but the reviewers all hate it, it's time to visit one of these places so you can get your fix without the horrible aftertaste of "Ewwww, I actually own this piece of sequelized crap!"
  • While many Americans won't buy into it (after all we like our crap served up on a silver platter - it has names like White Chicks, The Dukes of Hazard, and Hope Floats), Hindis eat it up.
  • Some clown who wanted to give my first novel a one-star review on Amazon, anonymously gets to crap upon it, and have that become part of the history of that book until the end of time.
  • You could have the pleasure of lining a bird cage with the newspaper and letting your parakeet crap on the bad review, and that was the end of that.