Sentence Examples

  • There's also one that wraps around the New York New York Casino and Resort and gives riders a view of the scaled down sights of the "Big Apple" as well as the pedestrian traffic on the south end of the Strip.
  • Priced lower than the Garmin Nuvi 360, the Pharos 250 does have a pedestrian option where you can remove it from your car and take it with you.
  • The Fremont Experience - This multi-media presentation (pictured above) is a $70 laser light canopy that covers the pedestrian zone on Fremont Street.
  • The bridge has only been closed to traffic three times since it opened in 1937, twice because of high winds and for its 50th anniversary in 1987, when only pedestrian traffic was allowed.
  • Medical Coverage: This policy covers medical costs associated with vehicle accidents or accidents occurring to the member as a pedestrian.