Sentence Examples

  • He was, however, elected on the council of state, and was the only Presbyterian in it; he was at once accused by Scot, along with Whitelocke, of corresponding with Hyde.
  • THOMAS ROTHERHAM (1423-1500), archbishop of York, also called Thomas Scot, was born at Rotherham on the 24th of August 1423; he was educated in his native town and seems to have been connected with both the universities of Oxford and Cambridge.
  • Michael Scot, the renowned wizard of popular tradition, earned his reputation by numerous works on astrology and alchemy.
  • The king put forward his chaplain, Hugh; the pope supported the archdeacon, John the Scot, who had been canonically elected.
  • Pluzanski, Essai sur la philosophie de Duns Scot (1887); A.