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Another word for gallows

      1. The smallest quantity of liquid heavy enough to fall in a spherical mass.
      2. Liquid medicine administered in drops.
      3. A small quantity of a substance:
      1. A device made of rope or straps that fits around the head of an animal and is used to lead or secure the animal.
      2. A rope with a noose used for execution by hanging.
      3. Death or execution by hanging.
      1. A loop formed in a rope by means of a slipknot so that it binds tighter as the rope is pulled.
      2. A snare or trap.
      3. To capture or hold by or as if by a noose.
      1. A perennial woody plant having a main trunk and usually a distinct crown.
      2. A plant or shrub resembling a tree in form or size.
      3. Something that resembles a tree in form, especially a diagram or arrangement that has branches showing relationships of hierarchy or lineage.
      1. Either end of a yard of a square sail.
      1. A temporary platform, either supported from below or suspended from above, on which workers sit or stand when performing tasks at heights above the ground.
      2. A raised wooden framework or platform.
      3. A platform used in the execution of condemned prisoners, as by hanging or beheading.
      1. A device used for hanging a person until dead; a gallows.
      2. An upright post with a crosspiece, forming a T-shaped structure from which executed criminals were formerly hung for public viewing.
      3. To execute by hanging on a gibbet.