Sentence Examples

  • After more than a century of repression in 1905 the Edict of Toleration brought some relief.
  • It deals with all questions of doctrine and with the repression of heresy, together with those crimes which are more or less of the character of heresy.
  • In Jutland, too, after the repression, in 1441, of a peasant rising, something very like serfdom was introduced.
  • In 1876, however, the party in Prussi; reunited on a programme-which demanded the maintenance of the Christian character of the schools, cessation of the Kulturkampf, limitation of economic liberty, and repression of social democracy, and this was accepted also by the Conservatives in the Reichstag.
  • 6, 8-12, lob) the Israelites dwell apart in the province of Goshen, and their numbers become so great as to call for severe measures of repression, the method employed being that of forced labour.