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Another word for insensate

  1. Completely lacking sensation or consciousness

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  2. Lacking passion and emotion

  3. Displaying a complete lack of forethought and good sense

Another word for insensate

  1. Indifferent

  2. Stupid

      1. Lacking the power of speech. Used of animals and inanimate objects.
      2. Incapable of using speech; mute. Used of humans.
      3. Temporarily speechless, as with shock or fear:
      1. Lacking or exhibiting a lack of good sense or judgment; silly:
      2. Capable of arousing laughter; absurd or ridiculous:
      3. Embarrassed; abashed:
      1. Not endowed with reason.
      2. Affected by loss of usual or normal mental clarity; incoherent, as from shock.
      3. Marked by a lack of accord with reason or sound judgment:
      1. Lacking sense or meaning; meaningless.
      2. Deficient in sense; foolish or stupid.
      3. Unconscious, usually as a result of physical trauma.
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