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Another word for bleak

  1. Dark and depressing

  2. Cold and forbidding

      1. Having no adornment or ornamentation; bare:
      2. Strict or severe in discipline; ascetic:
      3. Having a severe or stern look, manner, etc.; forbidding
      1. Sternly obstinate; unyielding:
      2. Marked by sternness or harshness; forbidding:
      3. (Scot.) Hard; stern; severe
      1. Dealing with unpleasant subjects; frightful; ghastly
      2. Repellent or horrifying:
      3. Hard and unyielding; relentless; stern; resolute
      1. Difficult to endure; causing hardship or suffering:
      2. Lacking in shade; undiminished:
      3. Definite; firm:
      1. Disagreeable to one of the senses, as:
      2. Unpleasantly coarse and rough to the touch:
      3. Severe, cruel, or exacting:
      1. Causing great discomfort, damage, or distress:
      2. Unsparing, harsh, or strict, as in treatment of others:
      3. Extremely difficult to perform or endure; trying:
      1. Sharply outlined or prominent
      2. Complete or utter; extreme:
      3. Severe or unmitigated; harsh or grim:

Another word for bleak

  1. Applied to countryside or conditions

  2. Applied to atmosphere