Sentence Examples

  • Boss Hogg Outlawz are presented to you by their fellow H-Town (Houston, for the uninitiated) resident, Gold Album holder Slim Thug.
  • For the uninitiated, (or even for the longtime fan), LTK Music has assembled the following list of resources for free electronica music downloads designed to give you a taste of this genre.
  • The internet can be a big, scary place, especially for the uninitiated, but buying cell phones on eBay need not be an intimidating experience.
  • Choosing the proper transvestite lingerie for performances, day-to-day wear, and costumes can be dizzying to the uninitiated.
  • In Gnosticism as in the other mystic religions we find the same contrast of the initiated and the uninitiated, the same loose organization, the same kind of petty sectarianism and mystery-mongering.