Sentence Examples

  • No matter what colors you choose to combine, or the placement of the stripes on your zebra pattern, make sure you pair your pedicure with open toe shoes or sandals to show off your adventurous spirit and uninhibited side.
  • While alcohol's effects on different people vary, you can be sure that within a group of people who have drunk too much, several are sure to become aggressive, sexually uninhibited or make bad decisions.
  • Fishnet: Best for ladies that are uninhibited about showing lots of skin, fishnet is not a traditional fabric for this type of bikini, but it is definitely used for a more sexy appearance.
  • Not everyone adopted this freewheeling style -- it was generally regarded as loose and uninhibited, not a style that fit in with some of the more repressive aspects of the time.
  • In the 1990s, in Galen's Prophecy, Jerome Kagan and his colleagues studied two types of children whom they defined as inhibited and uninhibited (or exuberant) respectively.