Sentence Examples

  • In most parts of North America and the UK, topless swimming and sunbathing is still seen as risqué to socially unacceptable; nonetheless the wearing of a simple bikini bottom with no top is becoming increasingly popular.
  • The first bit of controversy in season 2 arose during the semifinalist round, when Frenchie Davis was barred from the competition after topless photos she had posed for online four years previously surfaced.
  • Granted, this statement refers to the better known type of monokini, not the topless monokini that is popular in Europe (also the original style of "monokini" from the 1960s) and will show plenty of skin.
  • While some might select a thong bikini and others choose a topless monokini, still others will choose a bikini that allows for mixing and matching just as easily as it allows for a fantastic tan.
  • She landed on a topless bottle of oil and spit the fluid out as it sprayed across her face.