Sentence Examples

  • It's unlikely that you'll land a top-level managerial or executive position with a recent bachelor's degree, but you can get a start in one of many organizations that offers such opportunities for advancement.
  • Elyse Bender-Segall is a Manhattan-trained media specialist who brings top-level publicity experience and a "big black book" of national media contacts to each and every client she agrees to work with.
  • Every country in the world is given its own domain, and some with the very fortunate initials such as ".tv" (for the country of Tovalu) which makes a lot of money for its top-level domain.
  • Craigslist job postings are inexpensive and organized by location and job type, and contain everything from top-level management positions to creative freelance and part-time work.
  • Top-level reaching-The ability of an infant to grasp an object that is within reach, looking only at the object and not at the hands.