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Another word for blackball

  1. To prevent or forbid authoritatively

      1. A water sprite of German mythology, usually in human form or half-human and half-fish.
      1. The constitutional power of the chief executive of a state or nation to prevent or delay the enactment of legislation passed by the legislature:
      2. An instance in which this right is exercised:
      3. An official document or message from a chief executive stating the reasons for rejection of a bill.
      1. (idiomatic) To refuse, decline, or deny.
      2. (idiomatic) To reduce the amount of something by means of a control, such as the volume, heat, or light.
      3. (idiomatic) To reposition by turning, flipping, etc. in a downward direction.
      1. Expressing, containing, or consisting of a negation, refusal, or denial:
      2. Indicating opposition or resistance:
      3. Unpleasant; disagreeable:
  2. To exclude from normal social or professional activities

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Another word for blackball

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