Sentence Examples

  • How is my little fruit bat doing?
  • They kept Logan's baseball gear there, and she felt the sudden need to have a bat in her hands.
  • De Villeneuve and Penaud constructed their winged models on different types, the former selecting the bat, the latter the bird.
  • " The wing of the bat bears a considerable resemblance to that of the insect, inasmuch as it consists of a delicate, semi-transparent, continuous membrane, supported in divers directions, particularly towards its anterior margin, by a system of osseous stays or stretchers which confer upon it the degree of rigidity requisite for flight.
  • Here, for the first time in logical literature, subject and predicate suddenly appear as terms, or extremes, with the verb of being (r6 e bat) or not being (re) 1.6 that) completely disengaged from both, but connecting them as a copula.