Sentence Examples

  • Veteran actresses Kim Delaney (All My Children, NYPD) and Catherine Bell (JAG) lead the cast, as the show focuses on their characters Claudia Joy Holden and Denise Sherwood respectively.
  • This company prides itself on its loyalty to the nation where it started, and no matter where it's products are found globally, Jag continues to design and distribute close to home.
  • The fact that Jag is in Australia creates a convenient situation for any last minute shopper, because the seasons run opposite to the northern hemisphere.
  • While it may sound easy to click and shop, you may actually need to order your out of season Jag selection from one of the many Australian retail stores.
  • Right before the finale between Rory Schepisi and Joshua Adam "Jag" Garcia, it was discovered that the latter contestant had lied on his application.