Sentence Examples

  • Then the frontal attack stopped and both divisions abandoned themselves to the intoxication of victory.
  • The Four Intoxications are the mental intoxication arising respectively from (1) Bodily passions, (2) Becoming, (3) Delusion, (4) Ignorance.
  • In the state of intoxication she was in, everything seemed simple and natural.
  • He was active in the case against Bishop Henry Ustick Onderdonk (1789-1858) of Pennsylvania, who because of intemperance was forced to resign and was suspended from the ministry in 1844; in that against Bishop Benjamin Tredwell Onderdonk (1791-1861) of New York, who in 1845 was suspended from the ministry on the charge of intoxication and improper conduct; and in that against Bishop G.
  • Theodore had now given himself up to intoxication and lust.