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Another word for rat-a-tat-tat

  1. A sudden sharp, explosive noise

      1. To make a brisk sharp cracking sound:
      2. To break suddenly with a brisk, sharp, cracking sound.
      3. To give way abruptly under pressure or tension:
      1. A formal account of the proceedings or transactions of a group:
      2. A spoken or written account of an event, usually presented in detail:
      3. Bound volumes containing the published court opinions in legal cases, intended to provide a reference for precedents in subsequent cases.
      1. To make a short, sharp, explosive sound.
      2. To burst open with a short, sharp, explosive sound.
      3. To move quickly or unexpectedly; appear abruptly:
      1. A release of mechanical, chemical, or nuclear energy in a sudden and often violent manner with the generation of high temperature and usually with the release of gases.
      2. A violent bursting as a result of internal pressure.
      3. The loud, sharp sound made as a result of either of these actions.
      1. To break without complete separation of parts:
      2. To break or snap apart:
      3. To make a sharp snapping sound:
      1. To strike the palms of the hands together with a sudden explosive sound, as in applauding.
      2. To come together suddenly with a sharp sound.
      3. To strike together with a sharp sound, as one hard surface on another:
      1. The harsh sound uttered by a dog.
      2. A sound, such as a cough, that is similar to a dog's bark.
      3. To utter a bark.
      1. A sudden loud noise, as of an explosion.
      2. A sudden loud blow or bump.
      3. A sudden burst of action:
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