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Another word for ratchet

      1. A wheel with a rim notched into teeth, which mesh with those of another wheel or of a rack to transmit or receive motion
      2. One of a set of cogged wheels within a mechanism.
      3. (When used attributively) Something behaving in similar, jerky, manner as a cogwheel, e.g. cogwheel respiration as a side effect of hyperbaric medicine
      1. A wheel rimmed with toothlike projections, used to engage the links of a chain in a pulley or drive system.
      1. Any of a number of teeth or points, as on the rim of a wheel, arranged to fit into the links of a chain
      2. A cylinder with a toothed rim that engages in the perforations of photographic or movie film to pull it through a camera or projector.
      3. A wheel fitted with sprockets on its outer rim, used in a chain drive
      1. A tricky or previously unsuspected condition or drawback:
      2. A device for fastening something or for checking motion:
      3. A tricky or disadvantageous condition; a catch:
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