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Another word for outdo

  1. To be greater or better than

      1. To strike, hit, or dash repeatedly and, usually, hard
      2. To take beating or stirring
      3. (Informal) To be superior to or better than:
      1. To pass beyond the limits of (a category or conception, for instance):
      2. To be separate from or beyond (experience, the material universe, etc.)
      3. To go beyond the limits of; overstep; exceed
      1. (Sports) To hit or stroke (a ball) unintentionally at a point above its center or near its top, giving it a forward spin
      2. To go over the top of (a rise of ground, etc.)
      3. To be better, more effective, funnier, etc. than; surpass; outdo
      1. To be greater than, as in degree or quality; exceed:
      2. To go beyond the limit, capacity, range, etc. of
      3. To go beyond, especially in a metaphoric or technical manner; to exceed.
      1. To go through (a trial, test, examination, course of study, etc.) successfully; satisfy the requirements or standards of
      2. To move past another vehicle:
      3. To go, change, or be conveyed from one place, form, condition, circumstance, possession, etc. to another
      1. To move past or ahead of:
      2. To be greater than or superior to; exceed or surpass:
      3. To go at a faster pace than; get ahead of
      1. To surpass in obvious excellence; outdo.
      2. To exceed something or someone else, especially in an obvious or flamboyant manner
      3. To shine brighter or longer than (another)
      1. To go beyond; exceed:
      2. To run faster than the others.
      3. To run faster, farther, or better than
      1. To be superior to; outdo
      2. To prove greater or better than; surpass.
      3. To surpass or be better than something or someone else
      1. To show superiority; surpass others:
      2. To do or be better than; surpass.
      3. To be better or greater than, or superior to (another or others)
      1. (Now Rare) To surpass others, as in a quality or quantity; be outstanding
      2. To go or be beyond (a limit, limiting regulation, measure, etc.)
      3. To be better than or superior to:
      1. To make better; improve:
      2. To surpass or exceed:
      3. To become better
      1. In the most excellent manner; in the most suitable way
      2. Well
      3. To get the better of; beat:
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Another word for outdo