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Vibration synonyms

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An instance of quaking.
  1. An instance of quaking.
  2. An earthquake, moonquake, etc.
  3. A shaking or tremor
A single instance or cycle of such a variation
  1. A single instance or cycle of such a variation
  2. (Mathematics) (of a function) defined for each point in the domain of the function by , and describes the difference (possibly ∞) between the limit superior and limit inferior of the function near that point.
  3. (Physics) Repeated variation in the value of some physical quantity, as position or voltage
A collection or store; arsenal:
  1. A collection or store; arsenal:
  2. The act or condition of quivering; tremor; tremble
  3. A portable case for holding arrows.
(Informal) A bargain or deal:
  1. (Informal) A bargain or deal:
  2. A beverage in which the ingredients are mixed by shaking.
  3. (Informal) A moment or instant:
Find another word for vibration. In this page you can discover 8 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for vibration, like: quake, wavering, vacillation, fluctuation, oscillation, quiver, shake and wave.