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Another word for categorize

  1. To distribute into groups according to kinds

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  2. To assign to a class or classes

      1. To put in a class; classify
      2. To arrange, group, or rate according to qualities or characteristics; assign to a class; classify.
      1. To arrange or group in classes according to some system or principle
      2. To arrange or organize according to class or category.
      3. To place in a class or category
      1. To apportion so as to be evenly spread throughout a given area:
      2. (Logic) To use (a term) so as to include all individuals or entities of a given class.
      3. To place in separate pieces or examples over an area; scatter:
      1. To arrange or classify by grades; rate according to quality, rank, worth, etc.; sort
      2. To determine the quality of (academic work, for example); evaluate:
      3. To assume an indicated rank or position in a series; be of a certain grade
      1. To belong to or form a group:
      2. To place or arrange in a group:
      1. To put in the pigeonhole of a desk, etc.
      2. To assign to a category or categories; classify
      3. To place or file in a small compartment or recess.
      1. To appoint to a post:
      2. To be among those who finish a competition or race, especially to finish second.
      3. To give an order for:
      1. To cover or have application to a number of things:
      2. To look over something or around an area or place:
      3. To place with others in a cause, party, etc.
      1. To engage in carping criticism. Often used with on:
      2. (Archaic) To form a rank or move in ranks
      3. To place in a rank or ranks
      1. (Informal) To have status, importance, or influence:
      2. To put into a particular class or rank
      3. To place in a particular class, rank, or grade:
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Another word for categorize