Sentence Examples

  • Determined by increasing generality as by increasing speciality.
  • The flight from a cursory survey of facts to wide so-called principles must give way to a gradual progress upward from propositions of minimum to those of medium generality, and in these consists the fruitfulness of science.
  • For The Sake Of Greater Generality, The Days Of The Week Are Denoted By The First Seven Letters Of The Alphabet, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, Which Are Placed In The Calendar Beside The Days Of The Year, So That A Stands Opposite The First Day Of January, B Opposite The Second, And So On To G, Which Stands Opposite The Seventh; After Which A Returns To The Eighth, And So On Through The 365 Days Of The Year.
  • That teaches us what we ought to believe in history as it is compiled according to ostensible events and results known to the generality of people."
  • Cherries and the generality of plums succeed very well either on an east or a west aspect.