Sentence Examples

  • Playing board or card games one night a week is one way to have fun; if you want to try something different, resurrect games you enjoyed as a child and pass on the experience to your kids.
  • While a few bathroom decorating ideas can help resurrect a boring space, even the best decorating tips can't rescue an awkward floor plan or an oddly colored bathtub or sink.
  • The Civil Rights movement brought about a change of view in many African Americans, however, as they sought to resurrect their heritage through the use of more traditional African names that held special meaning.
  • You'll have to find your body and resurrect where you died, or you can request to be brought back at the nearest graveyard (with a 10% durability loss on gear and resurrection sickness for ten minutes).
  • However, before you take your own watch apart and attempt to resurrect its inner workings, make sure the problem isn't too complicated for an untrained person to undertake.