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Another word for flowing

  1. Marked by facility, especially of expression

      1. Having a surface free from irregularities, roughness, or projections; even.
      2. Free from waves or disturbances; calm:
      3. Free from hair, whiskers, or stubble:
      1. Showing grace of movement, form, or proportion:
      1. A continuous, amorphous substance whose molecules move freely past one another and that has the tendency to assume the shape of its container; a liquid or gas.
      2. Of, relating to, or characteristic of a fluid.
      3. Readily reshaped; pliable.
      1. Able to express oneself readily and effortlessly:
      2. Flowing effortlessly; polished:
      3. Flowing or moving smoothly; graceful:
      1. Calling for, requiring, or showing little or no effort.
      1. Capable of being accomplished or acquired with ease; posing no difficulty:
      2. Likely to happen by accident or without intention:
      3. Requiring or exhibiting little effort or endeavor; undemanding:
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