Sentence Examples

  • Here the divine will is viewed as an efflux from the divine wisdom, as the intermediate link between God, the first substance, and all things, and as the fountain out of which all forms emanate.
  • Besides the delta of the Po and the large marshy tracts which it forms, there exist on both sides of it extensive lagoons of salt water, generally separated from the Adriatic by narrow strips of sand or embankments, partly natural and partly artificial, but havin openings which admit the influx and efflux of the sea-water, and serve as ports for communication with the mainland.
  • Individual souls are an efflux from the all-compassing world-soul.
  • Helmholtz, of the efflux of a jet between two edges A and A 1 in an infinite wall, is obtained by the symmetrical duplication of the above, with n = 1, b = o, a' = - oo, as in fig.
  • Generally, by making a' = -oo, the line x'A' may be taken as a straight stream line of infinite length, forming an axis of symmetry; and then by duplica tion the result can be ob A tained, with assigned n, a, and b, of the efflux from a symmetrical converging FIG.