Sentence Examples

  • Black & Decker VF100 Dust Buster Replacement Filter - Available online from Buckeye Tools, the VF100 keeps your Dust Buster clean and free of adherents, and also makes replacing your filter effortless.
  • Some may be more appropriate for business settings - they may be made of higher quality materials and feel slightly stiffer to the touch, for example - while others are just as effortless as a T-shirt.
  • Burberry has proven itself a purveyor of the "instant classic"; that is, a piece that is so effortless, timeless and elegant that it becomes a part of fashion history's annals without the usual passage of time.
  • You might opt for an effortless slide that looks great with a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, or, for a more dressy approach, a low-heeled Mary Jane to wear with casual skirts and dresses.
  • It makes for an easy weekend do-it-yourself project, the tiles can be very inexpensive if you wait for sales or buy through local or online overstock outlets, and once installed, change-outs to replace soiled tiles are almost effortless.