Sentence Examples

  • Additionally, overly detailed dresses may take away from the simple beauty of an asymmetrical cut and overwhelm a petite frame, so it's best to keep the overall look uncomplicated.
  • Most recoveries from adjustment disorder uncomplicated by other mental illness are both rapid and complete returns to the child's former level of functioning.
  • Minor bruises and uncomplicated fractures caused by accidents generally heal without problems and are quickly absorbed into the family's routine.
  • Following abdominal surgery, uncomplicated cases of ileus can be managed by minimizing the amount of food the patient consumes, ensuring adequate fluid intake, and correcting any electrolyte disturbances such as low potassium.
  • Many men who engage in cheating behavior do not necessarily want to end their current relationships, but rather supplement it with an uncomplicated relationship that fulfills a need they do not fill in their relationship.