Sentence Examples

  • While black will go with anything, pair any blues together instead of clashing with pale green or another uncomplimentary color.
  • The pair broke up less than a year later, and both said some highly uncomplimentary things about the other in the press.
  • Thus in connexion with the subject a genus of workers became possible who may be styled " ur-computers or circle-squarers " - a name which, if it connotes anything uncomplimentary, does so because of the almost entirely fruitless character of their labours.
  • A year later the family returned to Moscow, where Hertzen passed his youth - remaining there, after completing his studies at the university, till 1834, when he was arrested and tried on a charge of having assisted, with some other youths, at a festival during which verses by Sokolovsky, of a nature uncomplimentary to the emperor, were sung.
  • That is to say, Grote supposes that for at least eight and forty years, from 447 to 399, the paid professors had no professional title; that, this period having elapsed, a youthful opponent succeeded in fastening an uncomplimentary title not only upon the contemporary teachers, but also, retrospectively, upon their predecessors; and that, artfully enhancing the indignity of the title affixed, he thus obscured, perverted and effaced the records and the memories of the past.