Sentence Examples

  • The results of permissive parenting style studies vary a great deal among cultures, suggesting that what is considered permissive in one country may actually fall closer to the lines of authoritative parenting in another region.
  • Children in permissive households may also learn behaviors that do not serve them well in adulthood, such as manipulative behavior, lacking a sense of self-discipline, and an inability to cope with authority.
  • Those who fall under the strict, authoritarian style may benefit from looking at authoritative methods and those who fall under the permissive style may benefit from considering attachment parenting methods.
  • Once luggage is turned over to the cruise porters, it may not be delivered until late - because of this, most ships have a much more permissive dress code in the main dining rooms on the first evening.
  • Dispensations for married priests in his dominions; and his successor Ferdinand, with the equally Catholic sovereigns of France, Bavaria and Poland, pleaded strongly at the council of Trent (1545) for permissive marriage.