Sentence Examples

  • They are generally slow of speech and manner, and somewhat irresolute, but take an eager interest in current politics, and are generally fairly educated men of extreme democratic principles.
  • Al-Mosta`sim billah ("he who clings to God for protection"), son of Mostansir, the last caliph of Bagdad, was a narrow-minded, irresolute man, guided moreover by bad counsellors.
  • While Charles hung irresolute on the eastern border, the Covenanters, under Alexander Leslie, took heart, occupied Duns Law, and terrified Charles into negotiations (11th-18th June).
  • As plainly appeared in the last years of his life, he was too weak and irresolute to choose a side and stand by it.
  • On his thin, weak legs were heavy chains which hampered his irresolute movements.