Sentence Examples

  • He breaks out into profuse sweats and may vomit.
  • Carteret was a profuse and popular lord lieutenant who pleased both the "English interest" and the native Irish.
  • On his way to Paris he had been profuse in promises of reform and constitutional rule.
  • The chiefs of the clans, with a few sub-chiefs having hereditary rights, formed the King's Council, and the king, unless of exceptionally strong character, often exercised less power than the council of chiefs, each of whom kept his little court, making a profuse display of barbaric pomp. Land is held in common by the tribes, lands unallotted being attached to the office of head chief or king and called "stool lands."
  • It has more than one advantage over the meadow mushroom in its extreme commonness, its profuse growth, the length of the season in which it may be gathered, the total absence of varietal forms, its adaptability for being dried and preserved for years, and its persistent delicious taste.