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Another word for profuse

  1. Growing profusely

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  2. Given to or marked by unrestrained abundance

  3. Characterized by excessive or imprudent spending

Another word for profuse

Synonym Study

  • Lush implies such great luxuriance as my seem excessive lush tropical vegetation, lush prose See also syn. study at plentiful.
  • Luxuriant suggests production in great and rich abundance luxuriant foliage
  • Prodigal implies such reckless extravagance as to suggest eventual impoverishment the prodigal heirs to a fortune
  • Extravagant always suggests unreasonably excessive, wasteful spending or giving extravagant living
  • Lavish implies an unstinted, generous, sometimes unreasonably liberal, giving lavish attentions
  • Profuse implies a pouring or giving forth freely, often to the point of excess profuse thanks