Sentence Examples

  • Once you have obtained a copy of the Aroma rice cooker manual that you need, you will have all of the information necessary to use your rice cooker to prepare tasty and delicious main courses and side dishes any time that you choose.
  • Traditional Thanksgiving dinners are a good stand-by and a great idea if you are cooking for a large group of people, but for a tasty change of pace you might want to explore some alternative Thanksgiving dinner ideas.
  • Stemmed glasses rimmed with colored granules, fruit dangling on showy picks, layers of liquor competing for center stage; easy mixed drinks don't need these fancy trimmings to be tasty, satisfying and refreshing.
  • Another disadvantage to transitioning to the Thrive Diet is that while the recipes are tasty, many of them are rather labor intensive to prepare and take more time than many people want to donate to preparing meals.
  • Misnamed Candy: Food is always a popular Christmas gift, and humorously named candy such as reindeer droppings (often chocolate covered peanuts or raisins) or coal (typically black licorice bites) can be a cute but still tasty gift.