Sentence Examples

  • This was the beginning of troubles that lasted intermittently throughout the century.
  • The weather grew intermittently warmer and on one of those sunny warm days, Cade invited her to pack a lunch and join him in a ride on the ranch.
  • Hours later they were still awake, talking intermittently, taking comfort in one another.
  • These two things are done simultaneously by heating and melting the ore in contact with coke, charcoal or anthracite, in the iron blast furnace, from which issue intermittently two molten streams, the iron now deoxidized and incidentally carburized by the fuel with which it has been in contact, and the mineral matter, now called " slag."
  • Until 644 the island was exceedingly prosperous, but in that year began the period of Arab invasions, which continued intermittently until 975.