Sentence Examples

  • His mood turned increasingly belligerent as the conversation continued and it became clear that Dr. Whitecoat had no ready-made solutions to offer.
  • Julep purists will likely scoff at the thought of a ready-made cocktail, but when a single cocktail is in such great and immediate demand, Derby officials have to do what they can to keep everyone happy.
  • This can be a more expensive option, but it tends to work out in your favor over the long run, because you end up with an item that fits you exactly and shapes you better than something ready-made.
  • Many internationally-themed gifts can be purchased online, and iGourmet even offers custom gift baskets with gourmet foods from around the world if you prefer to purchase a ready-made gift basket.
  • Some snacks like chips are clearly high sodium foods, but often things like sauces, ready-made foods and pre-packaged frozen foods contain more sodium than you should eat for a healthy heart.