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Another word for feasible

  1. Capable of occurring or being done

      1. Capable of being put into effective operation; practicable or feasible:
      2. Capable of being worked, dealt with, or handled:
      1. Capable of success or continuing effectiveness; practicable:
      2. Capable of living, developing, or germinating under favorable conditions:
      3. Capable of living outside the uterus. Used of a fetus or newborn.
      1. Capable of being effected, done, or put into practice; feasible.
      2. Usable for a specified purpose:
      1. Capable of happening, existing, or being true without contradicting proven facts, laws, or circumstances:
      2. Capable of becoming or of being made to be so; potential:
      3. Capable of occurring or being done in accordance with something specified. Used with the superlative:
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Another word for feasible

  1. Practicable

  2. Suitable

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  3. Likely

      1. Likely to happen or to be true:
      2. Likely but uncertain; plausible.
      3. Of or relating to opinions and actions in ethics and morals for whose lawfulness intrinsic reasons or extrinsic authority may be adduced.
      1. Possessing or displaying the qualities or characteristics that make something probable:
      2. Within the realm of credibility; plausible:
      3. Apparently appropriate or suitable:
      1. Capable of reasoning; rational:
      2. Governed by or being in accordance with reason or sound thinking:
      3. Being within the bounds of common sense: