Sentence Examples

  • Of a non-self-subsistent or attributive conception definition in its highest attainable form is a recasting of the syllogism, in which it was shown that the attribute was grounded in the substance or self-subsistent subject of which it is.
  • He Rozebeiy declared, indeed, that success was not attainable till England was converted to its expediency.
  • Wright found, in a series of experiments, that, when four portions of the same coal were distilled at temperatures ranging from a dull red heat to the highest temperature attainable in an iron retort, he obtained the following results as to yield and illuminating power: - Composition of the Gas.
  • He has not bequeathed an imposing system, hardly even a striking discovery in metaphysics, but he is a signal example in the Anglo-Saxon world of the love of attainable truth for the sake of truth and goodness.
  • Probably, Gassendi thinks, perfect happiness is not attainable in this life, but it may be in the life to come.