Sentence Examples

  • It's conceivable to have a 'lone wolf' sorcerer in one part of your world who suddenly discovers an entire continent of scientific magic users, but the magic they use needs to be consistent.
  • For travelers preparing to go on short or extended trips, or for those who just travel in their armchairs, online travel tips abound for every conceivable eventuality.
  • More than just a for-pay music downloading service, iTunes also offers the ability to listen to scores of radio stations from every conceivable style of music at no charge.
  • Here you'll find men and women of every age and conceivable body shape wearing the smallest swimsuits imaginable, and no one seems to find it anything other than ordinary.
  • With the aid of a quality heat-protector styling product, you can conceivable use your sedu straightener or styling tool every day while maintaining healthy, shiny hair.