Sentence Examples

  • Life superadded to their earthly experience.
  • (1058-1060 declared that Jesus had conferred on Peter the control (jura) of an earthly as well as of a heavenly empire; and this phrase was embodied in the canon law.
  • In character it is profoundly " pneumatic "; Paul's super-earthly Spirit-Christ here breathes and speaks, and invites a corresponding spiritual comprehension.
  • It is indeed plain that such a sacrifice - for we have here to do, not with human victims in general, but with the sacrifice of the dearest earthly thing - could only be paid to the supreme deity; and Manasseh and his people never ceased to acknowledge Yahweh as the God of Israel..
  • What an ancient teacher had said with regard to the worship of Christ as the revelation of the Eternal Father - " Honours paid to the earthly representative are shared by the heavenly Archetype " - was now transferred to the painted image: it appeared as an analogy to the Incarnation.