Sentence Examples

  • Two equally strong feelings drew Pierre irresistibly to this purpose.
  • But although the Munchkin was hardly tall enough to come to Zeb's shoulder he was so strong and clever that he laid the boy three times on his back with apparent ease.
  • If Kutuzov decided to retreat along the road from Krems to Olmutz, to unite with the troops arriving from Russia, he risked being forestalled on that road by the French who had crossed the Vienna bridge, and encumbered by his baggage and transport, having to accept battle on the march against an enemy three times as strong, who would hem him in from two sides.
  • I don't know a whole lot Julie, but I understand the police at the time had a strong suspect but couldn't prove anything.
  • There is a band of thieves in our district who ought to be arrested by a strong force--October 11.

What's another word for strong?

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