Sentence Examples

  • The increased ingestion of bacteria in active immunity would seem to depend upon the presence of immune opsonins in the serum.
  • In other cases the infection of the first host is brought about by the ingestion FIG.
  • The other plan is to use an exclusively meat diet, combined with the ingestion of a large quantity of hot water, so as to cause free elimination.
  • In three of them at least - the whey cure, the grape cure and the meat cure-a diminution in one or other of the solid constituents of food is associated with the ingestion of an unusually large quantity of water.
  • The symptoms of strychnine poisoning usually appear within twenty minutes of the ingestion of a poisonous dose, starting with an uneasy sensation, stiffness at the back of the neck, twitching of the muscles and a feeling of impending suffocation.

What's another word for ingestion?

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