Sentence Examples

  • She tried to swallow the lump that insisted on staying in her throat.
  • It eats voraciously, and, like the ostrich, will swallow whatever comes in its way.
  • The chief foes of Indra are Vrittra and Ahi, serpents which swallow up the waters, precisely as frogs do in Australian and Californian and Andaman myths.
  • A similar rotation and dislocation occurs in various petrels, in correlation with the indigestible sepia-bills, &c., which these birds swallow in great quantities.
  • The swallow who heralded the summer was a German by birth, Adolph Wilhelm Schack von Staffeldt l (1769-1826), who came over to Copenhagen from Pomerania, and prepared the way for the new movement.

What's another word for swallow?

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