Sentence Examples

  • At that point, no one was able to withstand what he could do.
  • I can't believe he was able to withstand such abasement.
  • During recent years an immense number of ringed or cyclic compounds have been discovered, which exhibit individual characters more closely resembling benzene, naphthalene, &c. than purely aliphatic substances, inasmuch as in general they contain double linkages, yet withstand oxidation, and behave as nuclei, forming derivatives in much the same way as benzene.
  • To withstand the chemical action of the gases, the " calorimetric bomb " is lined either with platinum, as in Berthelot's apparatus, or with porcelain, as in Mahler's.
  • Aristobulus could not withstand the army of Aretas: he was driven back upon Jerusalem and there besieged.