Sentence Examples

  • It was formerly isolated by marshes and accessible only by boat or artificial causeway, and under these conditions it gained its historical fame as the retreat of King Alfred in 8 8-87 when he was unable to withstand the incursions of the Danes.
  • He was indeed bound by consistency to withstand what his own government, by the words of Sir Edward Grey, had declared would be an unfriendly act on the part of France.
  • Mortar made from pure or "fat" lime cannot withstand the action of water, and is only used for work done above water-level.
  • In the ritual of baptism and confirmation), yet he was resolute to withstand any unauthorized usurpation of rights and privileges.
  • Under Julian it recovered some of its importance as a fortified town, and was able to withstand the attacks of the Vandals.

What's another word for withstand?

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