Sentence Examples

  • Defy me, and you will suffer my wrath.
  • The details defy at present any clear interpretation, but the incorporation of the fragment may be due in general to the emphasis it lays on the faithful witness, martyrdom and resurrection of the saints.
  • For the supreme moment of this solution he was determined that Prussia should be fully prepared; and this meant that he must defy the majority within the diet and public opinion without.
  • Not only did their doctrine of grace defy the favourite Jesuit principle of obedience to authority, but it bade fair to set aside the whole Catholic machinery of infallibility and sacraments.
  • Lancaster would never have dared to defy public opinion and challenge the constitutional party to a life-and-death struggle in this fashion, had it not &en that his brother the prince of Wales had died while the Good Parliament was fitting; thus the opposition had been deprived of ~a~Ok their strongest support.

What's another word for defy?

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