Sentence Examples

  • Of the museum, which originally belonged to the defunct Banff Institution and was afterwards taken over by the town council, Thomas Edward - the "working naturalist," whose life was so sympathetically written by Samuel Smiles - was curator for a few years.
  • Hutton, who in 1881 wrote that the word "was suggested by Huxley at a meeting held previous to the formation of the now defunct Metaphysical Society at Mr Knowles's house on Clapham Common in 1869, in my hearing.
  • The Irish National League was, however, founded October to take up the work of the defunct Land League, and the country continued to be disturbed.
  • Not the least racy clause in the document compiled about 1389 by the Wycliffites in defence of their defunct teacher is the following: "Hit semes that this offrynge ymages is a sotile cast of Antichriste and his clerkis for to drawe almes fro pore men.
  • Hence the skill undoubtedly possessed by several graduates of the defunct art school has to be devoted chiefly to a subordinate purpose, namely, the fashioning of models for metal-casters.

What's another word for defunct?

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