Sentence Examples

  • A recent form of co-operative credit banks are the Casse Rurali or rural banks, on the Raffeisen system, which lend money to peasants and small proprietors out of capital obtained on credit or by gift.
  • These artels are recruited only on personal acquaintance with the candidates for membership. Co-operative societies have also been organized by several zemstvos.
  • Co-operative buying) by means of which the peasantry of Denmark have so wonderfully improved their position.
  • In the subsequent years the principle, which had already made great progress in Ireland, began to obtain a hold in England and Wales, where, in 1906, there were 145 local co-operative societies with a turn-over of £350,000.
  • The interception by the state of the unearned increment, and the promotion of co-operative agriculture, were the most striking features in his programme.

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