Sentence Examples

  • Worker Chad lives in Chattanooga.
  • They were also concerned over yesterday's strange call, apparently from a state worker, asking if they'd heard from the girl.
  • However this may be, the earliest positive evidence of the existence at Venice of a worker in glass would seem to be the mention of Petrus Flavianus, phiolarius, in the ducale of Vitale Falier in the year 1090.
  • Patsy Boyd apparently lifted a set of keys from a worker in the lodgings where she and Martha were temporarily quartered and made her escape in a twenty-year old Buick.
  • Arneth was an indefatigable worker, and, as director of the archives, his broad-minded willingness to listen to the advice of experts, as well as his own sound sense, did much to promote the more scientific treatment and use of public records in most of the archives of Europe.