Sentence Examples

  • He was also the agent in New York of the firm of Astor & Broadwood.
  • The duke was deprived of the government of Languedoc, and his agent, Betizac, was burnt.
  • It held shipper as well as carrier, and corporation as well as its officer or agent, liable for violations of the act, and conferred upon United States courts power to employ equity processes in putting an end to discrimination.
  • It is frequently used as a reducing agent: in acid solutions it reduces ferric to ferrous salts, arsenates to arsenites, permanganates to manganous salts, &c., whilst in alkaline solution it converts many organic nitro compounds into the corresponding amino derivatives.
  • In the presence of water it frequently acts as a bleaching agent, the bleaching process in this case being one of reduction.

What's another word for agent?

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