Sentence Examples

  • He was also the agent in New York of the firm of Astor & Broadwood.
  • He was educated in Coventry, became a successful merchant, traveled widely throughout Europe and for several years was the financial agent of Charles I.
  • From the Dividing Range, where the river ceases to act as a denuding agent, and the area of deposition begins, at a level of 250 ft.
  • Thus in the Sandwich Islands the god Oro gave his oracles through a priest who "ceased to act or speak as a voluntary agent, but with his limbs convulsed, his features distorted and terrific, his eyes wild and strained, he would roll on the ground roaming at the mouth, and reveal the will of the god in shrill cries and sounds violent and indistinct, which the attending priests duly interpreted to the people."
  • RAJPUTANA, a collection of native states in India, under the political charge of an agent to the governor-general, who resides at Abu in the Aravalli Hills.

What's another word for agent?

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