Sentence Examples

  • On an emissary mission.
  • At last, as the emissary persisted in his bland persuasions, he looked up and said, - "Archias, you never moved me by your acting, and you Affair of Harpalus.
  • Justinian could not deprive his great general of the supreme command, yet he wished to have a very powerful emissary of the court constantly at his side.
  • The question of her marriage was all important, and her chances were not improved by the scandal of Chastelard, whether he acted as an emissary of the Huguenots, sent to smirch her character, or merely played the fatuous fool in his own conceit.
  • Of Holstein founded new Lubeck, a few miles farther up, on the peninsula Buku, where the Trave is joined on the right by the Wakenitz, the emissary of the lake of Ratzeburg.