Sentence Examples

  • But Butler - for reasons satisfactory to himself, and eminently characteristic of the man; he hoped to conciliate his age!
  • The duchy of Aquitaine required a strong ruler, and the union with Anjou was eminently desirable.
  • All the existing members of the group are eminently adapted for a terrestrial life, and in the main for a vegetable diet.
  • So eminently respectable a person as John Evelyn thought no harm in bowling for stakes, and once played at the Durdans, near Epsom, for £io, winning match and money, as he triumphantly notes in his Diary for the 14th of August 1657.
  • To the latter the material temple is no more than a detail in the picture of a work of restoration eminently ideal and spiritual, and he expressly warns his hearers against attaching intrinsic importance to it (Isa.

What's another word for eminently?

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