Sentence Examples

  • But Butler - for reasons satisfactory to himself, and eminently characteristic of the man; he hoped to conciliate his age!
  • The duchy of Aquitaine required a strong ruler, and the union with Anjou was eminently desirable.
  • In this expedition he proved eminently successful, driving the Spaniards from post to post, until arriving at the confines of Venezuela he boldly determined to enter that province and try conclusions with General Monteverde himself.
  • Although he lacked oratorical fluency, his short speeches, like his writings, were forceful; his plain dress and unassuming ways helped to make him extremely popular with the common people, in whom he had much greater faith than his cousin John had; and, above all, he was an eminently successful manager of men.
  • But, however short his orthodoxy might fall if tried by the standards of any particular church, his temperament was pre-eminently religious.

What's another word for eminently?

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